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Outreach Programs


Heeling House is proud to be an active member of our community and to give back in a variety of different ways. We pride ourselves on sharing the joy that our dogs can bring and would love an opportunity for you to experience firsthand the benefits of having a therapy dog interact with your group!

What We

School Visits

Our dogs love visiting schools and can be found in classrooms throughout Loudoun, Fairfax, and Prince William County. Some schools utilize the dogs as a reward or motivator for different classrooms as a whole-school experience while other schools plan visits for special education classrooms to help students reach specific goals. No matter what you're thinking of for your school, contact us to see if we can help bring joy to your students!

Educational Presentations

For groups looking for a brief presentation as to what a therapy dog is, the training to get there, and overall education into the world of animal-assisted therapy, contact us today! This offering is perfect for scout troops, classes looking to teach about working dogs, and schools looking for Career Day participants. 

Surprise Us!

Don't see what you're looking for? Send us a message below using the conta to discuss how we can help you through the amazing power of animal-assisted interactions!

Company Visits

For organizations and companies looking to schedule therapeutic visits for staff and reap the benefits of animal-assisted interactions, we have a variety of different options to assist. Take a look at our sponsorship packages to support our service dog program or let us know the details of  your request to see whether we could accommodate you!

Therapeutic Partnerships

For therapy centers, hospitals, and other medical facilities, animals can serve as a motivator and a reward for a job well done.  The animals will sometimes serve as a model for good behavior – demonstrating sitting quietly, listening, good manners, completing tasks, etc...  The animals are often used to facilitate improvements in fine and gross motor skills by having the children engage in games and activities with the dogs.  They can also be used as an intermediate step for those children learning how to appropriately interact with their peers, and can help children with sensory processing challenges.  The animals are a wonderful way for children to improve executive functioning skills and also act as a comforting presence in the room.

Please use the contact form below if you're interested in discussing a future partnership!

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