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Heeling House Participation Waiver

I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that I, my attending family members/guests, child(ren), and/or dog(s) are voluntarily participating in activities with Heeling House, Inc.

I understand that my attendance of Heeling House, Inc. activities and programs is not without risk to my child(ren), any attending guests, family members, my dog(s) and my personal property.

I, and attending family members/guests, individual, and on behalf of their respective heirs, assigns or successors, hereby expressly waives, releases and discharges of Heeling House, Inc. and its employees from any claims, demands, injuries, damages or causes of action that are in any way related to participation in a Heeling House, Inc. activity.


I am willing to accept the assumption of the risk of participation in dog training and other related activities and the risk of illness, bodily injury, or property damage while under the supervision of Heeling House, Inc. in the Heeling House Center or a public space.

I acknowledge that I and any attendees with me, including my child(ren), are expected to follow the instructions of Heeling House, Inc. instructors and abide by all rules established by those classes or events we attend. Failure to follow the rules of Heeling House, Inc. or its instructors may result in excusal from any class or event without refund.

I pledge to abide by the statements in this waiver and will insure the same of my attending guests.

For any child(ren)-related activities in which I will not be present, I acknowledge that in the case of an allergic reaction, Heeling House, Inc. and its instructors have permission to administer over-the-counter allergy medicine to my child to relieve his/her allergy symptoms. 


I acknowledge that if I choose to opt out of allowing staff to administer allergy medicine to my child that I will be called to immediately pick up my child. If my emergency contacts or myself cannot be reached, I understand that emergency services will have to be called to tend to my child and that I am responsible for all fees associated with this. 

For any dog-training related programs, I understand that the degree to which a dog is successfully trained is a function of the interest, commitment, and cooperation of the owner/handler.  Heeling House, Inc. Training makes no representations, guarantees, promises, implied or expressed, that any training received from Heeling House, Inc. will ‘cure’ a dog of any unwanted/dangerous propensities. I acknowledge and agree that there is no guarantee of what my dog will achieve in training based on the instruction given, but that I as the owner/handler of my dog(s) am responsible for teaching and training my dog(s). 


I expressly agree that the foregoing release and waiver, and assumption of risk are intended to be as expansive, broad and inclusive as permitted by Virginia law.


I understand that public relations are an important part of advertisement at Heeling House, Inc.  and I will allow Heeling House, Inc. to use any photographs or videos taken of me for public relations activities.

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