Children's Programs

 Heeling House, Inc.  offers a variety of programs to meet your child’s needs.  Whether you are looking for sessions to address modifying your child's behavior, social skills groups, social clubs for young teens, therapeutic reading sessions with a specialist, summer camps, or an outreach program for your organization, we've got something for you.  The best part is that all of our programs include at least one of our professionally trained therapy animals.


Animal-assisted behavior modification is used to bring about meaningful and positive change in behaviors.

Our 50-minute long private behavioral modification sessions utilize Animal Assisted Therapy to increase desired behaviors, and decrease unwanted behaviors.  These sessions are jointly led by a staff member and certified therapy dog team, to make learning new behaviors or working on difficult ones a more enjoyable and successful experience.

Behavior modification can address a variety of different challenges such as a fear of dogs, inhibition control, inability to stay on task, emotional awareness/control,  planning/organization, interaction with peers, proper response (verbal or non-verbal), and much more. We teach children the skills needed to overcome their daily challenges and lead a more successful life, all in a positive, accepting environment.  


Whether your child has a fear that needs to be addressed, a social skill that needs to be developed, or a behavior that needs to be implemented, call or email us today to learn more! (703)661-6610  


Whether your child is struggling with reading or comprehension, English is their second language, or you would like your child to continue to excel in their reading skills, ‘Read with Me’ is the program for you!

Our “Read with me” Program is designed to improve students’ reading, comprehension and communication skills by employing a powerful method: reading to an animal.

Research indicates that reading with a therapy animal positively influences a child’s reading skills. In addition, it can boost a child’s self-esteem and improve attendance, hygiene, and confidence.

You can choose from either an individual session, where your child will be joined by a therapy animal and a reading specialist, or your child can join us for one of our group reading times where they will be joined by their peers and multiple therapy animals.

Please call (703)661-6610 or email us for more details.


Heeling House is excited to offer a completely unique type of Social Skills Group - one that incorporates therapy animals.

Social settings can be challenging for children, and especially so for children on the Autism Spectrum. Research has shown that exposure to social situations and practicing social skills in a safe and familiar environment can alleviate anxiety, which so often gets in the way of a child’s success.

Through interactive play with the therapy animals, the children will be working on the following goals:​​ Sharing, Asking for help, Taking turns, Maintaining personal space, Waiting patiently, Problem solving skills


By learning how to interact and communicate with the therapy animals, the children will be working on the following goals: Learning how to start a conversation,  Maintaining eye contact, Listening Skills, Greeting others, Showing empathy, Reading nonverbal cues, Self-Regulation skills

Please call (703) 661-6610 or email us for details.

A Place Where you Belong

The PACK is a completely unique new social club for middle and high school students. The PACK’s focus is on animal related community service and education.


The PACK meets for a different animal related activity every Friday evening. These activities include educational classes, guest speakers, movie and game nights, event planning, and best of all, members of The PACK will be helping to raise and train Heeling House Assistance Dogs!


PACK members learn positive reinforcement dog training techniques as well as appropriate ways to handle the corresponding frustration that is inherent in training a dog. Our training sessions require teamwork, which helps to build stronger bonds between the group members. In addition, our members benefit from the training sessions by learning responsibility, patience, tolerance, fairness and the importance of goal setting. Lessons the youths learn, by training the dogs, can be applied to the various challenges they face in their daily lives. Members will learn critical skills that will help them in their interactions with people (and animals) in school, at home, and later on in the workplace.


Our core values are:

Peer assisted learning

Assistance Dog Training Program

Community Service

Kindness and respect


The PACK meets weekly for one hour

Membership is $15/visit

Register for upcoming PACK dates here


Heeling House, Inc. is proud to be an organization that is active in our community.

We can be found in the Loudoun County, Fairfax, and Prince William School Districts, the Loudoun County Public Library System, local therapy centers, hospitals, at local meetings, events, and special occasions.  You might even run into us 'out on the town' training our animals, sharing their joy, and educating the public about the field of Animal Assisted Interactions. 

Please call (703)661-6610 or email us for details.