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Dog Agility Courses

We are excited to be offering indoor agility courses and open practices at the new 2500 square foot Heeling House Training Center!

Level 1

Teach your dog to master various agility obstacles including jumps, tunnels, weave poles, dog walk, A-frame, teeter, and more! Dog's remain on-leash for the majority of this course. There is no prerequisite for this course--dogs of all ages and breeds are welcomed!

Level 2

This course involves basic handler training, including sequencing obstacles, lead outs, front, back and blind crosses, and off leash work. Prerequisite to this course is level 1

Competition Class

This course allows handlers to run their dogs through an entire course that has been set up.  Each week's course will focus on a different skill. Prerequisites to this course are Levels 1 and 2.

Open Practice Times

Handlers of any level may use this time to practice on the agility equipment.  Handlers will have access of the entire agility ring to themselves for a period of 20 minutes. Handlers will not be receiving specific instruction.  Space is limited, handlers must pre-register and pre-pay for each practice. Please call us to schedule an open practice time.

Private Lesson

These lessons are designed for those dogs and handlers that feel like they could benefit from some private training regarding agility. These sessions can be used to work on specific obstacles or entire sequences depending on your preference.

Agility courses are seven weeks, and the cost is $245

Open practice times are by appointment only. The cost is $20/session for a 20 minute session. Weekday appointments are available. Please call to inquire. 

Private lessons are 45 minutes per session, and the cost is $150/session

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