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Board and Train

Our board and train program is designed for dogs who need a bit of professional help training, whether because they’re working on basic manners, trying to get a head start on therapy dog training, or just need something to do while you’re out of town. Dogs enrolled in our board and train program stay with us night and day, and spend their days training either at our center, or around town. Behavioral issues that can be addressed during their stay with us include but are not limited to:

·       Jumping

·       Mouthing

·       Pulling on the leash

·       Excessive barking

·       Lack of socialization

·       Polite greetings with people

·       Excitement around other dogs

·       Nervousness around medical equipment or new environments

In addition, commands that can be taught during their stay include but are not limited to:

·       Sit

·       Down

·       Stay

·       Coming when called

·       Place

·       Leave it

·       Drop it

All behaviors are practiced around distractions to ensure compliance. Our program includes updates on how your dog is doing throughout their stay with us, a personalized training report, a one-hour consultation upon pick up, and a seven-week obedience course to follow. Our board and train program duration can be adjusted as needed, so call us today to learn more!

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