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Canine Nose Work   Course

We are excited to be offering nose work courses at the Heeling House Training Center and the outdoor Training Center in Aldie, VA.

Does your dog like to use his nose? Spend his walks sniffing every possible spot? Why not put that nose to good use?

This class follows the nose work standards from the AKC. This class introduces the basic elements of nose work through the AKC odors (Birch, Anise, Clove, and Cypress). Learn how to locate a hidden scent or item, set up hides, how to get your dog to follow an odor, how to tell if your dog is on the right track, and when your dog has found the source of the scent.

Level 1 introduces the Birch odor and introductory search and handling skills.

Level 2 introduces Anise odor and intermediate search skills such as inaccessible hides.

Level 3 introduces Clove and Cypress odors and advanced search skills such as blind and inaccessible elevated hides.

Drop-in sessions will be held in the winter and summer between formal sessions. Hides will be placed using Birch and Anise to allow you and your dog to practice search skills introduced in all levels.

*** This course is open to dogs of any breed or mix ***


This course is five weeks, and the cost is $175

Drop-in sessions cost $30.

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